How The Muse May Visit without You Knowing it

How The Muse May Visit without You Knowing it

DISCLAIMER – The following post is merely a summary of one part of my journey.  I talk about leaving Alcoholics Anonymous.  To anyone struggling with addiction or recovery, I am NOT recommending that you take my same actions unless you are absolutely sure it is where your heart is leading you.  Working the 12-steps with a sponsor, sponsoring other people, and the fellowship of AA and NA not only gave me the tools to achieve lasting recovery but have shown me how to drastically improve my life in general.  I will forever be grateful for my experience in AA. (more…)

How to Drastically Change Your Viewpoint with Pen and Paper

This is the second part of a two-part series called “Writing as a Tool of Awareness”

Writing “inventory” was like taking a small dose of magic mushrooms at times.  There were times when the result was more like something obtained from a larger dose.  I knew traumatic events could shift my perspective on things.  I knew beating my head against the proverbial wall with the same dumb actions could make me more willing to try a different approach at life.  I didn’t know that I could drastically change my viewpoint on things in short order with only a pen and paper. (more…)

Are You Being a Bad Parent to Your Writing?

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The fact is, many of us have been bad parents to our writing.  We can be like helicopter parents.  We monitor its movements to a tee.  We don’t let it out into the world without fussing over every little detail of its appearance.

“How would this reflect on us?” we ask.

We show up to write, putting in the required time and effort.  Making necessary sacrifices.  Only just to lock our art up where it’s safe.  Exposing it to the small world we feel comfortable with.  We lock our art up underneath our better-knowing and protective noses like it was Norman Bates.

“The world wouldn’t understand you like I do.  The world is vulgar and uncaring.”

Can we blame ourselves for doing the best that we can?  Our intentions were good.  We never meant to give our art a stifling environment.  We didn’t know any better.

The good news is that we grow up in a huge life that is conspiring to help us at every turn. 

How do we let our writing grow into what it is meant to grow into?

We let it out of the Bates Motel. (more…)