How The Muse May Visit without You Knowing it

How The Muse May Visit without You Knowing it

DISCLAIMER – The following post is merely a summary of one part of my journey.  I talk about leaving Alcoholics Anonymous.  To anyone struggling with addiction or recovery, I am NOT recommending that you take my same actions unless you are absolutely sure it is where your heart is leading you.  Working the 12-steps with a sponsor, sponsoring other people, and the fellowship of AA and NA not only gave me the tools to achieve lasting recovery but have shown me how to drastically improve my life in general.  I will forever be grateful for my experience in AA. (more…)

How I Write in the Jagged Journey of the Calling


Inspiration struck me at a few months sober.  I was going to write a book.  It seemed that I now had a calling.  The jagged journey, and not one as neat as I had planned.  A journey, still in its infancy, that has taught me already.

“I am going to work for this.” became the creed.

I put the work in.  I can become isolationist and rigid with my writing routing.  THE Routine.   It can drink all the joy out of a day.  I confess to this shortcoming in my Destructive Force that Brings Artists Down post.  It has brought unnecessary hardship to my relationships at times.

I believe there is time for sacrifice, even to outright neglect other areas of my life at times.  The journey needs to be jagged. This is just what I believe.

But to solely march militaristic would deny one crucial, vital element of what a calling is… (more…)