About Me







Hello and welcome to my blog!  I created this site as another step in my writing journey (and I don’t know where we’re headed), and this is a blog for artists and writers.

To give you a brief intro, my name is Donald Huffman.  I’m a Midwest guy born in California, a recovered junkie, healthcare worker by day and writer by calling. I have found that within the dissatisfaction of life (and I can only assume  of others) is limitless possibility held captive by beliefs.  Beliefs of who we are, what we can do…the beliefs that stand in our way, and these beliefs lose power on the sole merit of their recognition.

Art is the Way out of Stale Living

I want to challenge creative people to channel their pain into their work.  Literal alchemy.  To dig into themselves with pen and paper (or keyboard) and just see where the experience takes them.  I want to challenge people to get a sense of the kaleidoscopic miracle unfolding all around us and within us at any given moment.

I do this with writing.  It is my spiritual portal, the thing that makes the world make sense to me.  See my first post for more on this topic.

I will be putting out about one to two new posts a week, which I will then be sharing by e-mail as well.

If this itches you in the right way, by all means, sign up for my e-mail list to receive latest posts as well as the Introduction to my upcoming e-book!  (E-book section may take a few hours to be sent your email – still learning the format of WordPress.  Bare with me.)