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You write. Then show us that you write.

Let your words inspire us and let them come together like a beautiful melody. Let us hear your notes pierce through the hearts of every man. Write and let us read your work.

But what do you do when you’re stuck with nothing to say?

Then write for the hell of it. Write because you’re a writer. Write because something inside of  you needs to face it’s biggest fear – even when your lips are sealed. Rip them apart and take away those stitches and write.


You will have the world coming down on you. You will have deadlines. You will have writer’s block. You will make excuses to avoid writing, but let me tell you one thing – success is near, just write. Go on do not be afraid of this wonderful process you love doing.

Let your self wonder. Let words come to you. This is where wonderful things happen. Do not write from the mind. Write from within. Understand what this means and you’ll never have to work again.

Let your art come out from the real you. Write and let it be good. Because everything that comes from within is true and pure. Let it motivate you, inspire you and let this other something inside you take over and see where it takes you.

It creates masterpieces – art.

Write also with the belief that it’s good. You are a writer. Your words count. Your voice matters. Share your message and ideas but, most importantly, share yourself. It is you they want.

Share yourself completely. You are important and that is the reason you write. Aren’t you a writer? Aren’t you somebody. Be important to yourself so, write. Be one with the rest and be a beacon of light that lights the way for many


But what do you do when you don’t have nothing to write about? There is always a part of you that needs to be shared and heard. You are more than just a grain of sand in the beach. Be an ocean. Let people feel you. Overcome this step and you’ll start unblocking things inside you that will help you grow.

People think writing is about skill but it is really about emotional stability. Get yourself checked. How are you emotionally about doing this? Get emotionally unstuck and watch yourself flow on paper.

Writing from an emotional, healthy, inspiring standpoint.

Secondly, just show up and start writing when you have nothing to say. Even when your tongue is dried, write. Even when you’re empty something will emerge. Just believe and be there physically.


You know you’re a writer when your own words inspire you to change. When your own words change you, scare you. You yourself should feel the same shudder or emotion after reading your own work, writing, music, craft, etc.

If it inspires you to change it will inspire them to change too. Your words can do that for people.

You are meant to write and change the world word by word. You were given the gift of voice. This is your mission in life. This is your life’s purpose. This is another reason for you to live – for yourself and them. To write magnanimous messages to you and the world and start molding it as your own.

People follow a leader.

Write because everything you say is true. Flow with your art, surrender yourself completely – mind, body and soul. Great writers write from within. It is your turn to let your art shine. Write your beliefs. Write your thoughts. Anything is good.

“Just Show Up – That Is What Writers Do”

Write what is on your mind. You are here to give yourself existence – to give life to your voice, dreams and desires. With the affinity to make this a better place not just for you but everyone around you. You have been chosen to share yourself with the world. Why aren’t you doing it?

You are here because your art has more than one reason. You are here to spread love, joy, etc. You write because you are looking to project an emotion you need yourself.


Is it motivation, love, compassion? Find it. This is your main motivation, that sensation. Feed on that sensation enough to give it without limit to the rest.

You are addicted to the sensation. It feeds your mind, body and soul. Writers write not for the pleasure of earning money but the pleasure within. You write because it makes you feel great inside to feel that emotion.

Repeat that sensation multiple times and you’ll be successful. Your writing is an emotion, a sensation, find it and reproduce it. Its intrinsic emotional value starts by giving it yourself first.

You write for the intrinsic satisfaction of writing. Words are emotions for you. Write to make you feel good. Write to inspire a nation. Write for you. Get it.

You write to make your own self feel good first. Can you sell your own words to yourself? Would you buy your own work?  If you would then you are on the right path. Convince yourself first.

The finally, when you feel like quitting and no words come into your mind remember that all you have to do is just show up. Ideas will only come to those who show up and write. Write non-sense. Who cares, just write. But you must be convinced and bought first.

About The Author

Ricardo Ortiz is a clinical psychotherapist, writer and future entrepreneur. He helps his patients find motivation, passion and purpose in life. He is currently residing and a practicing psychotherapist in Guadalajara Jalisco. Visit his page at








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