I used to think I had a terrible choice to make:  dreams or security. Head in the clouds or blistered feet in the salt mines.  My industry (healthcare) is exponentially growing with the aging baby boomer generation.  Writing (my  does not exactly call to mind the same sort of guaranteed windfall.  Did someone tell me that I needed to make a choice between a secure paycheck in an industry I like and going after what I feel is my calling?  I have found 2 angels at my aid.

“I’ve always believed that success for anyone is all about drive, dedication, and desire, but for me, it’s also been about confidence and faith.”- Stephen Curry

The Requirement of Seeing Above the Petty Mind

ANGEL 1 – FAITH:  Requirement number 1.  There is a reason why you would sit down every day to create.  There is a reason why I sometimes neglect other areas of my life to write.   It’s a calling.

I need to see a purpose to doing something if I am going to sit in an uncomfortable position on a couch to cook my brain over a laptop.  Faith is, to me, putting in the work without immediate results.

Stepping off the cliff…” as my AA sponsor used to say.  How do you have faith?  Act like you do.  Work like somebody’s already paying you.  And with that…

What I See While Meditating

ANGEL 2 – REFLECTION:  I don’t produce the volume of pages in my book that I want, or my focus and confidence in the blog goes sideways.  Writing can discourage me at times.

It’s when I sit down by myself in a quiet room that I can see.  Consciously breathing, I get a flood of images.

  • My therapist encouraging me to read a book about dedication and inspiration.
  • The constructive feedback from my girlfriend.
  • The sometimes-difficult criticism from my teacher and peers at the Loft.

I get a sense in all that quiet that as my feet have expanded my world, so too has the world thrown me helping hands in innumerable forms.

I would challenge you to take a couple of minutes to reflect on the angels that are moving you towards your calling.