Stale thinking can be the destruction of freedom and creativity.  It’s the kind of taking for granted that robs the color out of life.  It takes the dignity out of our pain and overlooks the joy.  So, how do you get breathing room and fresh perspective from concrete thoughts and beliefs?

These are 4 Writing Exercises to Jostle up Your Interpretation on Things.

  1.   Write About 3 Times You Were Wrong about Something:  You don’t need to write a book on this.  Just write 3 short instances of where your view on things wasn’t exactly rock solid.  For example, when were you incorrect about what you thought of another person?  Or, when did you take a path in life (starting a blog?) that you didn’t see coming?
  2. Describe Something in Your Life that is Causing You Stress, and Re-write A Completely Different Interpretation of the Circumstance:  Look, I’m not asking you to change what you believe about your life.  I’m just asking you to have some fun with writing.  You could write two different interpretations if you wanted to.  The first could be sensible and calm, the second could be fantastical and apocalyptic.  The significant other is really the worm king/queen of the Planet Shit and I need to make peace with them to prevent the war of the worlds.  Whatever.
  3. Describe Yourself from the Perspective of Another Person in Your Life:  Or even an inanimate object in the room you’re currently in!  Once again, it doesn’t need to be an anthology.  Just three or four quick lines about the person in your skin as seen from another perspective.
  4. Write the Instructions that God/A Guardian Angel/Aliens would Give You in This Moment:  Take a deep breath.  Direct a question to the unharmed part of you.  “What should I do?”  Mine was, “Stay here.  Have fun.  Relax into the moment.  Experiment.”

That’s it for me.  The point of this article is to offer a reprieve from the “know-it-all-ness” of the human mind and perhaps give a jolt to the creative process.  In the words of Bagger Vance:

“The hands is much wiser than the head ever gonna be.”

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